Triple Release: Coming Soon!

Look for these three new releases to land this month! Available on DVD and OPVTAweb.   Vol. #155 – CEWs:  X2 NOTE: This title is available in e-course format only and is not available as a traditional video/DVD. In November 2013, the province of Ontario officially removed restrictions on police deployment of Conducted Energy Weapons (CEWs). This course, which should take 45-60 minutes to complete, delivers knowledge-based content that would otherwise be delivered in approximately two hours of classroom time. This blended approach sets up the practical and judgmental portions which follow, while giving Services more flexibility in how to efficiently schedule and deliver training. The course is comprised of five chapters: History, Legislative Considerations, How CEWs Work, the Device in Close-up and Deploying the CEW. High quality video, graphics, animations and interactive activities will help keep learners engaged, and each chapter concludes with a brief quiz. Trainers will have the option of a final “exam” or can incorporate a test at the beginning of the practical sessions. (approx.. 2 hrs)   Vol. #156 – Domestic Radicalization  At one time, violent acts of terrorism seemed like a somewhat distant problem…taking place, and involving citizens of distant lands. 9/11 changed all that. But […]