OPVTA membership fees are based on a sliding scale, adjusted according to authorized sworn (police) strength.  Current fees range from $700 (<50 members) to $27,650 (>1,500 members) annually.  Member agencies currently receive six programs per year, plus relevant training packages and other support materials.

Membership includes free access to video programs from the back catalogues of both the OPVTA and the Niagara Regional Police Service.  New members receive a complete archive of past OPVTA releases (over 164) upon receipt of a signed membership agreement.

OPVTA membership gives member agencies a voice with regard to what training issues are addressed and the priority with which videos are produced.  The OPVTA also takes pride in having its member services and jurisdictions featured in the videos themselves.

** An OPVTA “Associate Membership” is available only to accredited agencies located outside the province of Ontario and is subject to approval by the OPVTA Executive. Associate Membership fees are pro-rated at 75%, based on the historical and anticipated proportion of OPVTA programs that address issues and/or legislation of a national scope.