New OPVTA Release:  “Aftermath: Officer Involved Shootings”


Toronto Sun/Torcopshoot17As police officers, much of our training is appropriately focused on officer safety, use of force, firearms and surviving lethal encounters. But After-math is not about officer-involved shootings – it’s about the intense, sometimes confusing, often solitary experience that follows – after the dust settles. Eight officers from across Ontario reflect on the fatal shootings in which they were involved…what happened, how they reacted, how they were treated – by peers, senior management & SIU – how they struggled, and how they got through it.

Police psychologist Dr. Sean O’Brien also provides valuable insights on the diverse physiological and emotional effects that involved officers may experience, and the importance of knowing when, where and how to get the additional support they need and deserve.  The aim of this program is to help all officers anticipate and understand the physiological and psychological reactions common to these types of incidents, in an effort to help build resilience in every involved officer and those called upon to support colleagues.